Stuart Tibaweswa is a Kampala-based Ugandan documentary...
Stuart Tibaweswa is a Kampala-based Ugandan documentary photographer. His work often focuses on marginalised communities, their relationship to wider society and seeks to contribute towards correcting misrepresented narratives. Stuart's interest in long-term documentary storytelling springs from the desire to question himself about important social, identity, human rights and climate change issues around his community and address them through a series of photographs.

Stuart recently advanced as a Canon Trainer to support the 'Canon Miraisha Training Programme' in developing photographers' and filmmakers' skills in Uganda.

His latest long-term project focuses on how Rwenzori Mountains' melting glaciers due to global warming, continue to affect the people down slopes in Kasese district, Uganda.

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New York Times | UNICEF Uganda | Shared Interest | Agence France-Presse (AFP) | African Institute for Investigative Journalism | Der Spiegel | Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Nairobi | Fairtrade Africa | Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Uganda | Uganda Redcross Society | Defend Defenders

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Stuart Tibaweswa

Kampala-based Ugandan documentary photographer, whose work often focuses on marginalised communities and their relationship to wider society.
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