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stuart tibaweswa
Feb 21, 2021
'WE ARE HUMAN', has been privileged to have two publications this year. The story aims to put a human face to individuals within the LGBTQI community in Uganda, highlighting their personal experiences of injustice within a state that is actively perpetrating harmful, homophobic policies. 
We Are Human — the jfa human rights journal
Stuart Tibaweswa Over the last few decades, several events in Uganda have impacted the human rights of individuals who are part of the LGBTQI community. Stuart Tibaweswa spent time with these individuals, documenting their stories within their...

LGBTQIA community in Uganda: ‘We are human’ - The Mail & Guardian
Stuart Tibaweswa photographed and interviewed members of Uganda’s LGBTQ community to find out about their views on democracy and experiences of injustice

Stuart Tibaweswa

Kampala-based Ugandan documentary photographer, whose work often focuses on marginalised communities and their relationship to wider society.
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